SG Robot Vacuum Cleaner Sweep and Wet Mopping Disinfection For Floors | Carpet

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Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Home Disinfect with Robot Vacuum Cleaner
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Carpet Clean With Robot Vacuum Cleaner
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Multiple Cleaning Modes Of Vacuum Cleaner
I-Dropping Technology Of Vacuum Cleaner

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Cleaning Hard Areas in the House
Bottom Switch Robot Vacuum Cleaner
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Ideal for home: Ideal for home and with hard floor and carpet. Disinfect your home: Disinfect your home by use of mopping function ILife works with you to fight in the epidemic.

Two in one: V shape roller brush & Floating roller brush. Equipped with anti-tangle suction mouth.V7S plus can clean the pet hair easily without entanglement problem.

Clean Carpet Deeply: Work smoothly on the carpet. Targeted clean with debris, Dust and hair hid in carpet, effective solution for carpet cleaning.

Vacuuming: Vacuuming with V shape roller brush cleaning dust and suck into the dustbin.

Multiple cleaning modes: Edge cleaning mode, Spot cleaning mode, auto cleaning mode.

I-drop technology: I-drop technology is water tank intelligently enable precise when robots move and stop water when robots stop.

Operating hours: Its work time is up to 120 minutes once it's fully charged.

Power (W): 24W
Voltage (V): 24V
Function: Wet And Dry
Dust Box Capacity (L): <0.5 L
Dust Storage Type: Dust Box/Dust Bucket
Battery Life: 2 hours-2 hours and 30 minutes
Certification: CE
Certification: RoHS
Certification: FCC
Bag Or Bagless: Bagless
Installation: Robot
Timing Reservation: Yes
Size(mm): 300*300*75
Remote Control: Yes
Special Suction Nozzle: Clean Cyclone Dust Collection Nozzle
Filter Type: HEPA
Model Number: V7s Plus
Turbo Brush: YES
Cord Length (m): 2m
Cleaning Route: Random Type
ILIFE Model: V7s Plus
SIZE: 340mm*340mm*84mm
Button: Touch screen
Output Voltage/Current of charger: 24V/0.5A
Timing Reservation: Yes
Filter: Primary + Efficient filter
Charging time: About 3 hours
Working time: About 120-150min
Using area: About 120 - 180 square meters
Extra Feature: Cliff-Sensor, Collide-Avoidance, Mop Cloth
Product Type: Robot Vacuums
Type: Cyclone