Pubg Mobile Controller | Bluetooth Gaming Keyboard Mouse For IOS

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Gamepad Pubg Mobile Bluetooth 5.0 Android PUBG Controller Mobile Controller Gaming Keyboard Mouse Converter For IOS iPad to PC. 

Multi-function Mobile Gaming Keyboard Mouse Converter PUBG Mobile Game Controller Bluetooth 5.0 For Android / iOS / iPad


This is Multi-function Mobile Gaming Keyboard Mouse Converter. Plug and play, Bluetooth 5.0 connection, support for IOS Android. Match Mobile Phone Players, Do not modify official data, will not be banned. One-touch call out mouse pointer, Press the middle wheel button to call out the pointer, not only to pick up the equipment, all functions of the game interface can be operated(Currently only supports Android), Cool and Stylish Light Design, Colorful gradient design, Independent system lighting, With restart switch No delay, no carton charging while Play PUBG With USB hub function, Fast charge interface, support output 5V/2000mA, USB2.0 interface high output safety power support customization settings

🎀  Instructions: connect the keyboard, mouse, and power supply (the indicators 1, 2, 5, and 6 are always on).
🎀  For Android device: Press Ctrl+1 on the keyboard, the indicator light 3 flashes, send out the Bluetooth signal, use the device to open the Bluetooth search,
🎀  Bluetooth name: VA-019/019 (Note: the Bluetooth indicator of the Android device is on, please cancel the pairing and reconnect).
🎀  For IOS device:  Press the keyboard Ctrl+2, the indicator light 4 flashes, send the Bluetooth signal, use the device to open the Bluetooth search, Bluetooth name: VA-019/019 (Note: the Android device Bluetooth indicator No. 4 is on, please cancel the pairing and reconnect).
🎀  PUBG Controller:  Mobile Gaming Keyboard Mouse Converter.Bluetooth 5.0.Support for IOS Android. Mobile games become pc games. One button pressure gun.USB HUB Function.


    • 💥  Lightweight, compact design, waterproof and shockproof. Easy to install, suitable for any 20mm track
    • 💥  Anti-glare reflective coating lenses provide good optical clarity. Power safety function, automatic shutdown within 2 hours
    • 💥  Shrubs and transparent lines provide a wide view. 10 brightness levels red and green sights
    • 💥  Shockproof and weatherproof material, with lifting and lever adjustment on the side of eyesight
    • 💥  Suitable for fast shooting or shooting moving targets.

    Kind Note:

    This product does not support Android phone that with MTK Chip. Support ios 11.3~13.3(another version system not support. If you want to set a button, please download the ShootingPlus V3 app on the phone,the app QR code in the user manual.

    Package included:

    ✔ 1 * Converter
    ✔ 1 * User Manual


    Compatible Brand/Model: None
    Package: No
    Type: Gamepads
    Model Number: SH-VA-019
    Interface Type: Bluetooth
    Product number: SH-VA-019.
    Applicable system: Android/for IOS.
    Connection method: Bluetooth 5.0
    Connection.Power: 4.8-5.2V.