SG Mobile Phone Magnetic Support Frame Laptop Expansion Bracket Holder

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Laptop Expansion Holder

Holder features | Smart gadget

Durability & choosing magnetic support frame
Different angles adjustment of holder
Portability with computer of holder
Material Features of holder
Installation of frame on laptop

work simultaneously on laptop screen
charging support while using holder
Easily Use of Holder
Use easily during work on laptop
Looking nice holder at the side of laptop


Multi-functional bracket: It works efficiently. Double screen interactive,Using electronics Comfortably,No need to look down at phone.

Why You Choose? It has Ergonomic design, Reduce cervical spine fatigue.Golden ratio perspective,improve office efficiency.Use extension stand to work more convenient and efficiently.Dual screen interactive work is more convenient and efficient.No need to look down, more comfortable view angle.You can adjust a comfortable angle according to your need.Small and portable with a computer screen,It doesn’t lose and doesn't affect the computer.

Material: Good material decides everything to make digital life better.Aluminium alloy.Forested lawyer process.Cylindrical magnet. 3M glue.Metal shaft.Spiral drawing process.

Laptop stand installation instruction: Correct installation rotating craft.If you put a magnetic disk in a computer or mobile phone case magnetism will be weakened.

Charging: You can easily charge. it has a reserved charging port you can easily charge while using.

Product Name:   Mobile phone expansion stand
Color:                   Silver gray
Material:              Aluminium
Accessories:         1 * bracket, 2 * pieces of magnetic plate
Purpose:              Can be used to connect mobile phones and laptops
Advantages:        When used, the phone screen and computer screen in a flat,Do not look down at the phone screen to view the message,Improve work efficiency.Foldable extension,small,lightweight and easy to carry.