SG Adjustable Laptop Stand, Compatible with All Laptops | Notebooks | Tablets

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Portable Laptop Stand
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Six Level Adjustment Of Laptop Stand
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Portable Laptop Stand
Black Stand For Laptop


Adjust your laptop/ tablet at most comfortable and perfect position

Description:  Using a laptop or tablet in an uncomfortable position not only causes pain on your neck and back but also decrease your efficiency.

Smart gadget Australia provides extremely versatile Adjustable Laptop and Tablet Stand.

Bring your laptop, tablet, book or anything you need to positioned at comfortable level. Pack away and take it anywhere you like easily.

This stand is designed with all the ergonomic principles in mind. It provides 6-level adjustable height. Ergonomic design for easy watching and typing. It provides relief to neck, shoulder, and spine.This stand raises laptops thus offers an open space for ventilation to the device. It prevents the devices from overheating during use. Made of aluminum alloy material which is sturdy and durable, triangle support structure makes it your laptops stable.

Application: Laptop
Color: Black And Silver
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Product Size: 240 x 165 x 55-155 mm
Features: 6-Level Adjustable Height
Design: Non-Slip Silicone Mat