Mobile Phone Magnetic Support Frame Laptop Expansion Bracket Holder

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Screen Support Holder Laptop Side Mount Clip Magnetic Connect Tablet Bracket Dual Monitor Display Clip Adjustable Stand Holder 

Tablet Phone Holder Desk Laptop Stand Magnetic Screen Support Side Mount Connect Tablet Bracket Dual Monitor Display


🎀  Multi-functional bracket: It works efficiently. Double screen interactive, Using electronics Comfortably, No need to look down at the phone.
🎀  Why do You choose? It has an Ergonomic design, Reduce cervical spine fatigue. Golden ratio perspective, improve office efficiency. Use extension stand to work more conveniently and efficiently. Dual screen interactive work is more convenient and efficient.No need to look down a more comfortable view angle. You can adjust a comfortable angle according to your need. Small and portable with a computer screen, It doesn’t lose and doesn't affect the computer.
🎀  Material: Good material decides everything to make digital life better.Aluminum alloy.Forested lawyer process.Cylindrical magnet. 3M glue.Metal shaft.Spiral drawing process.
🎀  Laptop stands installation instruction: Correct installation rotating craft. If you put a magnetic disk in a computer or mobile phone case magnetism will be weakened.
🎀  Charging: You can easily charge. it has a reserved charging port you can easily charge while using.
🎀  Advantages:  When used, the phone screen and computer screen in a flat, Do not look down at the phone screen to view the message, Improve work efficiency.Foldable extension, small, lightweight, and easy to carry.


  • 💥  [Magnetic Expansion Bracket]: It can not only Hold your cell phone to monitor or laptop to get a multi-display computing experience, extend your screen, increase your productivity, Perform multitasking. Even if the phone is in silent mode, you will not miss any important information.
  • 💥  [Easy to Use]: Phone holder for computer monitor uses magnetic design, which can firmly adsorb the mobile phone next to the laptop or display. It is very simple to install, carry and use. Easily perform multiple tasks between phone and laptop without picking up the phone.
  • 💥  [Wide Compatibility]: Foldable Phone Stand Universal Compatible 4-8 inches Smartphone. Also, you can use it as a headphone hanger to eliminate desk clutter. Especially suitable for office or video conference.

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Product Name:   Mobile phone expansion stand
Color:                   Silver gray
Material:              Aluminium
Accessories:         1 * bracket, 2 * pieces of the magnetic plate
Purpose:              Can be used to connect mobile phones and laptops