Super Wireless Earphone Match to air smartphone android buds case wireless earbuds speakers

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Super Wireless Earphone, Match to air smartphone, android buds case, wireless earbuds speakers. 


  • Multifunctional Smart Wireless Headphones, Automatic Connection, Touch Operation, Voice Assistant, Power Bank, Mobile Fan Mobile Lighting.
  • Automatic matching in one step, After it is removed from the charging box, the headset can be automatically turned on and connected.
  • Automatic shutdown, magnetic suction After it is put back into the charging box, the headset can be automatically turned off and charged.
  • All-metal shell, rotary box Delicate and unique rotary all-metal charging box design, it only needs to rotate the shell for earphone collection. It is solid, reliable, convenient and fast.
  • Touch operation, intelligent experience, Control music, call, voice assistant and so on with just a fingertip touch.
  • Lightweight, comfortable and not easy to drop Weigh only 4 grams with three earplugs. Whether indoor fitness or outdoor sports, you don't have to worry about it falling off.
  • Strong magnetic coil, strong sound effect, A special 7.2mm strong magnetic coil with the vocal structure of the rear chamber makes it have a broader range and fuller sound performance.
  • High definition sound quality, clear calls, AAC technology and ENC noise reduction technology can provide high fidelity call quality.
  • Voice assistant is on call With three taps, you can wake up the smart voice assistant connecting to your mobile phone. Fully compatible with Android and IOS.
  • New Bluetooth, fluent A new generation of Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Compared with Bluetooth 4.2, it has lower power consumption, faster transmission speed, almost zero delays, thus effectively assisting gamers.
  • Dustproof and waterproof With IP54 level of daily dustproof and waterproof performance, dust and rain can't stop music from walking with you.
  • Listen to music 2 hours a day, charge it once a month, When fully charged, it can ensure that you listen to music for about 5 hours continuously. It can be charged at any time using a charging box for up to 60-hours battery life.
  • It can also be used as a Power Bank 1000 mAh battery box and full-size USB charging interface not only can escort headsets but also can conduct mobile charging for smart devices.
  • Rich matching accessories, rich outdoor life, It is equipped with a small USB fan and USB light. Whether it is for taking a summer holiday in the daytime or for a night reading, it only needs a set of TWS for you to go out.

Package Include:

  • Inner White Box: Unit G.W is about 190g, Unit Size is 14cm x 7.5cm x 5cm;
  • Outer Brown Box: Unit G.W is about 18720g, Unit size is 53cm x 29cm x 37cm , Max with 95pcs, Multifunctional Wireless Earphone.


Brand Name: Smart Gadget Australia 
Item Type: DIY Box & Shell
Model Number: TWS
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Best Match to: android
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